Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gals Grafitti in the City-La Calle Tambien es de Nosotras

I have always loved grafitti! It fascinates me to think about what it takes to emotionally and physically create a piece of this nature. I can imagine the artist quickly doing spray strokes with their cans and being as precise as possible while always watching their back to make sure there are no repercussions.
I personally could never be a grafitti artist, I am not decisive enough and change my mind too many times to specialize in this medium. By the time I figured out what I wanted to do, I would more than likely be handcuffed and in a police car shamed that I wasn't speedy enough- facing vandalism charges with not even a finished piece to be proud of during my fingerprinting moments!
Although I could never be a grafitti artist, I still love to admire it and the artists brave enough to defy the authorities. Today there was an opening exhibit showcasing the local talent made up of a group of females! It was interesting to see works on a projector shuffling thru original works around the city ; however, I am looking forward to seeing their creations in person. The projections were just a tease, but enough to get me excited about stumbling upon their works. There was a particular artist, OMega, whose work I love and am determined to find one of her pieces as we head out during our daily adventures.
Kuddos to these gals who are willing to live on the edge and get their message on walls around the city. I admire them!

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