Monday, May 16, 2011

Otomi Pillow and Textiles

I love Otomi embroidery. The designwork is simple yet sophisticated and in general-Mucho Eye Candy. I have been collecting Otomi orignal works of art for over a decade. I have framed them, turned them into pillows and have used them as banners. The possibilities are endless. Even my daughter is lugging around a smaller piece for a patch one day when her jeans tear-she's looking forward to that day!

I recently moved into an unfurnished apartment here in Oaxaca and have been salivating at the possibilites that the empty slate has given me. As much as I love the intricate Tehuantepec embroideries of the Isthms region, the primitive style of the Otomi seems to keep grabbing my attention and HOLDING it. Key word. Art, beautiful things, original creations always grab my attention. WHAT gets me to open up my tight budget to spend? Otomi Creations!I recently saw this Apartment Therapy piece and it got my creative juices flowing!

Needless to say. I am going full blown Otomi! Currently I have been working with a seamstress to get pillows made for wholesale and retail and it has been super fun to see the pieces come to fruition. The artists that I am working with are creating special sizes so that I can get square shams made in the future. Like I said earlier, with these beauties-the possibilities are endless.

Above are a couple of photos of creations that I thought were worth the picking. I had them turned into pillow sham sets and they are now available on Etsy. I am very very picky. I look for tight threading. I look for no "pencil markings", no stains etc...oh and of course gorgeous imagery. For every 100 that I see I pick about 5.

With some of my pieces I am thinking of making a "headboard" type backing for our make shift guest bed/sofa. Since more "modern" furniture here in Mexico is so expensive and "poorly" made, we are having to create our own sofa set up. I am having a duvet cover made for the twin matresses and am placing the matresses on a simple platform. Slowly it is coming together. I'll post photos when the project is completed. Many steps away!

If you would like to know more about the Otomi, click here!

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