Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Reunion of the Giants" at La Telarana Art Space

My favorite art space in Oaxaca is La Telarana. The lighting is spot on. The space is well designed and the creations they display are always well curated. This "Jaguar" piece was created from palms, reeds etc and it took the artist over a year to create! A stunning piece of organic soft sculpture!
This Giant "Fish" sculpture was created by a team of artists. There was no limit on what their imaginations brought to the piece. It's brilliant, funny, and ironic all at once. I enjoyed the hanging sock and cockroach body attached. Oaxacan's have a sarcastic sense of humor. It shows in this piece.

Speaking of a sense of humor. This stuffed piece with a chair next to it gives everyone the freedom to sit next to the piece and smile.

The first time I went to this space was for the Oaxacan Film Festival to see a series of children's short films with my daughter. I always look forward to seeing what they piece together.

La Telarana is an inviting and warm space filled with spectacular cultural happenings.

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