Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Christmas and Oilcloth in Oaxaca.

Finding a Christmas tree in Oaxaca isn't hard, but it's EXPENSIVE! I managed to find one at a moving sale but it was very sad and thin looking. There were some gorgeous artificial trees at Sam's Club, but they were close to $300 usd. A tree of that quality would be half the price in the States so I needed to be creative.

First I thought about using chicken wire to sculpt a tree. That seemed like the easiest solution and I started to price out thulle and wire. Then it occured to me to use the existing tree and tie tulle onto it.

Sadly, I needed to trim the tree of all it is greenery! This was a much larger undertaking than I imagined. Snip Snip...all of us got involved with this tedious process. If that wasn't enough torture --cutting the strips into 5 inch wide strips and tying them onto the tree most certainly was. Glad there was plenty of wine in the fridge! We cut thru 50 meters of tulle!

Maria came down from the farm to visit us for a short while. Poor thing. I put her to work. I don't think she minded. Work at the farm is much more laborious than tying tulle onto a tree. Little by little we completed the task. Shunku Meitz the cat was a little tough to deal with, but despite his playful setbacks we managed to finish it.

Glad we did, because now we have a way to show of our new new Oilcloth Christmas treeskirts!

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