Friday, September 2, 2011

Movies and Popcorn

Here I go again! Can you help to send 20 children suffering from grave illnesses to movie and popcorn? It's not really that expensive if you count it in U.S. Dollars but in Pesos it adds up. $5 pays for the movies. $4 pays for popcorn. A whopping $9 pays for both. (who knows -I may be able to get a bulk discount if I call the theatre. On my list of things to do) But I wanted to get this started. No time like the present. These children are all making regular visits to a specialty hospital in San Bartolo Coyotopec. I will be heading out there with my friend Sandra Tamex Palacios who is spear heading this project next week and will post my photos. I just wanted to start. No time like the present!

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